Glorious weather at Hive Beach - sun, wind and a shower-filled sky

Hive Beach, approaching Cogden Beach

What a brilliant day! On days like today I celebrate the fact that we have weather. The wind so raw, whipping the sea to a frenzy. So loud my ears ache. High contrast: interesting light when clouds shade the beach yet there is still bright, diverted light, the strong reflection off the sea and foam.

It’s messy on the beach: debris scattered not in lines. It’s another battered-feather day. The seabirds must be moulting. Peregine hovering, working hard but efficiently to stay absolutely static in the wind. Somehow it is more sinewy than a kestrel. It never flaps its wings in all the time I watch it, just writhes to keep its wind speed

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Return to Seatown

Well, apart from a quick walk at West Bay on Thursday evening, I have been nowhere near the coast for a while, in fact for part of the time I have been in Germany far from the sea. We visited Cologne, stayed with our friends near Nuremberg, then went with them to Berlin. We talked with our friends about how the landscape we passed through en route to Nuremberg was a great inland sea in Jurassic times.

We travelled out by Eurostar and ICE train so didn’t see the sea until the flight home. I cannot remember a better approach to Heathrow ever. We flew in over south Suffolk which meant we had a brilliant sunlit view of the whole

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