Coastal walk still strong in my mind

On Wednesday, with my friend David, I went for a walk from Seatown up over the cliffs past Thorncombe Beacon and down to Eype’s Mouth, where we sat on the sand, ate an apple each and talked about art and the colours and lines in the sea. Then we walked back and had lunch at the Anchor and talked about the Test match before collecting two bags of blewits and meadow waxcaps.

I wanted to concentrate on my time with David so left my phone at home so I wouldn’t get to fiddling and looking things up and tweeting and…like you do when you have a phone handy! However I had meant to take a compact digital camera with me

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What is this curious bundle?

Flicking through the photographs from yesterday’s walk on Cogden Beach I came across this image of a bundle of what seemed to be grass stalks bound with tape and ribbon fixed with pins. Any ideas? A charm or something?

Curious bundle found on Cogden Beach

Spice jars, lighting and lighters

I took advantage of the good weather yesterday to get out for a walk along Cogden Beach.

The stormy weather has pushed the tideline high and scattered the debris a wide swathe. Mostly it’s flotsam but there’s a lot of plastic bottles and kitchen rubbish – spice jars, sauce jars, wine bottles. I came across two fluorescent tubes and a light bulb: how the hell do they not get smashed? Inevitably there were lighters galore, mostly without the metal tops, just the plastic tanks. No particular colours but strangely quite fresh and unscratched. I found a number of bottle half buried in the gravel – a sure sign the beach has been churned up. Lots of gull primaries again: it

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Slim pickings for a beachcomber

Slim pickings and heavy going. I couldn’t find the pace of the beach today: every step seemed hard work. The sky was grey and overcast and the landscape was featureless, drained of colour, no contrast. I came down to Cogden beach to take some panoramic shots, but the camera couldn’t recognise the next bit of land to stitch together (and I didn’t know it wouldn’t do 365° vertically!)

There was nothing to catch the eye on the tidelines either, uniform weed and little else. I only collected a couple of tangles of fishing line, a small fish skull, two cockle pairs, and three seagull primaries selected for their wonderful sepia colour. It was great to see the beach so clean,

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West Bay in all its glory

In this good weather West Bay has glowed! I dashed down yesterday for an hour at the end of the day to sit on West Beach and daub watercolours in sketchbooks in a vain attempt to understand how light changes the colours in the sea and catch the drama of low sun on the rocks. I am really pleased I made the effort. I wasn’t aiming for a finished picture (and I forgot how long it can take for paint to dry in the cold) but I learned a little more about control and accident with watercolours and enjoyed myself immensely. I ended up with cold buttocks and blotted sketchbooks but it was worthwhile.

West Bay looking west towards

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