A wide, wide foreshore at Cogden Beach

Featureless Cogden Beach

With an hour or two to low water the foreshore at Cogden was as wide as I have ever seen it. This morning’s full moon has caused a pretty big tide for here and with the gentle seas of the last few days the tide has left a wide swathe of regularly shelving beach: all smoothed out, featureless and patted flat like sandcastle walls. There is even a zone at the top of the foreshore of hard-packed sand – yes, sand not gravel or grit – that allows swift walking or even, if you had a mind to, running. This meant I could stride out and get some much needed exercise. It also meant that I

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Dorset coastal resorts as busy as summer

We went for a walk on Hive beach in today’s wonderful sunshine. We had been aiming to just pop down to West Bay, but it was like a summer holiday day – if not busier! I suppose the first sunny day after weeks of dreary grey and pouring rain was bound to get people out, plus of course the New Year holiday. So since we couldn’t find a reasonable place to park we decided to drive along the coast to Hive Beach at Burton Bradstock. We knew that would be busy too, but reckoned the overflow car parking would be less underwater than West Bay.

Run from the waves

It was really good to get out in the sun,

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Nice piece about Cogden Beach

I came across this nicely written article on the “this is Cornwall” website. I have not spoken about the many collections of beach litter that have been gathered together in structures and patterns at the top of Cogden Beach, but perhaps I shall soon. Click here to take a look.

The horizon seemed so close at Cogden Beach

On Friday we walked on Cogden Beach in the wind. It was some time before I was able to see, my eyes were streaming so much to start with. Then at the end of the walk I could hardly see clearly because of the salt spray on my specs!

Cogden Beach is a wild, wide empty space yet it felt closed in and the horizon seemed so close. I cannot begin to explain why it seems this way. The sea has made a wider space between the low and high tide lines (and it was about low tide when we got there) and has thrown up a higher than normal bank perhaps, but that would only make the horizon seem

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What is this curious bundle?

Flicking through the photographs from yesterday’s walk on Cogden Beach I came across this image of a bundle of what seemed to be grass stalks bound with tape and ribbon fixed with pins. Any ideas? A charm or something?

Curious bundle found on Cogden Beach

Spice jars, lighting and lighters

I took advantage of the good weather yesterday to get out for a walk along Cogden Beach.

The stormy weather has pushed the tideline high and scattered the debris a wide swathe. Mostly it’s flotsam but there’s a lot of plastic bottles and kitchen rubbish – spice jars, sauce jars, wine bottles. I came across two fluorescent tubes and a light bulb: how the hell do they not get smashed? Inevitably there were lighters galore, mostly without the metal tops, just the plastic tanks. No particular colours but strangely quite fresh and unscratched. I found a number of bottle half buried in the gravel – a sure sign the beach has been churned up. Lots of gull primaries again: it

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Slim pickings for a beachcomber

Slim pickings and heavy going. I couldn’t find the pace of the beach today: every step seemed hard work. The sky was grey and overcast and the landscape was featureless, drained of colour, no contrast. I came down to Cogden beach to take some panoramic shots, but the camera couldn’t recognise the next bit of land to stitch together (and I didn’t know it wouldn’t do 365° vertically!)

There was nothing to catch the eye on the tidelines either, uniform weed and little else. I only collected a couple of tangles of fishing line, a small fish skull, two cockle pairs, and three seagull primaries selected for their wonderful sepia colour. It was great to see the beach so clean,

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Putting a price on rubbish

South Park rubbish

As I wander along the beach I wonder if there is a way that we can stop some of the rubbish that is dumped getting there to start with or getting cleared up quicker. When I found this South Park branded sweet dispenser on the beach yesterday I started to think about possible solutions.

The marketeers are responsible for using brands to pedal overpriced and over-packaged goodies. It’s people’s choice if they waste their money on these things but when the shiny new rubbish loses its appeal it becomes…just rubbish! Perhaps the marketeer or the brand holder should pay a tax or charge to pay towards the clearing up of their rubbish when the customer tires

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Blue tubes at Cogden

I went out yesterday with the specific purpose of collecting some fine coloured fishing line from the beach for some artwork I am currently doing. I hoped I might also find a fish-shaped lure to incorporate in another picture. As it happened I found lots of line and now have to think about my attitude to rubbish on the beach.

I had originally decided to walk along Hive Beach towards Cogden Beach and perhaps catch a cup of coffee at the café on the way back. I had forgotten it was half term and it is the duty of every family with grandparents who have retired to beautiful Dorset to visit at Autumn half term and it is the duty

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Green day at Cogden

We went for a midday walk on Cogden Beach today. It was supposed to be sunny but the sky was half cloud when we got there and we were in a low-contrast bright shade for all our time there. After the strong winds and high tides of last week the sea was flat calm – well almost: there was the barest hint of waves coming from the south-east causing that lapping roll of breakers down the beach that is such a signature of this coast.

The overriding theme of the jetsam today was pale green – mostly that pale green string which I suspect is mostly from nets. It wasn’t just the dozens of 2-4 inch trimmings of that string

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