Caught the last of the sun at West Bay

I grabbed the last hour and a half of sunshine and went down to West Bay this evening. Long winter shadows, warm red glow. I went to West Beach because I wanted to make some more notes of the shapes in the rocks that protect the west pier of the harbour. That side of West Bay doesn’t get the sweeping views: you are forced to look at the more local, it’s more intimate, less beautiful but more human, friendlier. I love the way there is always someone in the shelter and Margaret opens the kiosk for some warming drinks. Today there was a line of laughing, smiling, chatting folk in catching late afternoon sun.

With the sun so low there

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Still thinking about the view on Sunday

Perhaps because the sea was so calm, making it an almost flat area of colour, it accentuated the linear aspect of the landscape view. Whereas last week the sea was striated, with lines of colour projecting from the coast echoed on the land by the lines of field boundaries behind Cogden and Chesil, yesterday the sea was pale silvery blue and the distant fields milky with haze. So I kept seeing lines in the landscape, especially when the sun struck through the thin cloud and added contrast to the view. The hedges, lanes, paths, animal tracks, cliff edge, tideline, surf line, cliff base and fences all became prominent and, depending on the degree of sun, each had its own quality.

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A quick climb to Thorncombe Beacon before the rain

This morning I managed to get out for a walk back to Thorncombe Beacon to try to capture something of the feeling of the view east I got when I walked that way with David on Wednesday. The air was pretty still and the atmosphere quiet, so it was not as cold as Wednesday when there was bite from the north wind. The forecast was for rain this afternoon so I was keen to get up to the top before I lost the sun. By the time I parked at Eype (and was shocked at the honesty-box price for parking!) it was already a bit milky out to sea and the sun was filtered through thin clouds much of the

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Coastal walk still strong in my mind

On Wednesday, with my friend David, I went for a walk from Seatown up over the cliffs past Thorncombe Beacon and down to Eype’s Mouth, where we sat on the sand, ate an apple each and talked about art and the colours and lines in the sea. Then we walked back and had lunch at the Anchor and talked about the Test match before collecting two bags of blewits and meadow waxcaps.

I wanted to concentrate on my time with David so left my phone at home so I wouldn’t get to fiddling and looking things up and tweeting and…like you do when you have a phone handy! However I had meant to take a compact digital camera with me

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