Return to Seatown

Well, apart from a quick walk at West Bay on Thursday evening, I have been nowhere near the coast for a while, in fact for part of the time I have been in Germany far from the sea. We visited Cologne, stayed with our friends near Nuremberg, then went with them to Berlin. We talked with our friends about how the landscape we passed through en route to Nuremberg was a great inland sea in Jurassic times.

We travelled out by Eurostar and ICE train so didn’t see the sea until the flight home. I cannot remember a better approach to Heathrow ever. We flew in over south Suffolk which meant we had a brilliant sunlit view of the whole

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A short walk on Seatown Beach

A while ago I wrote a piece about a walk I took with my daughter. As it encompasses some basic ideas that are important to me about walking on beaches I quote it here:

A short walk on Seatown Beach

Things go with things on the beach. It could be green lighters or yellow plastic beads or orange peel and orange string. Today it’s a quartz day. (When is the quarter day? What is a quarter day?) I remember the winter day when it was a mermaid’s purse day here at Seatown: mermaids’ purses and whelk egg sacs.

Once, at Burton Bradstock, I recall the day it was a spider crab day and it looked like a spider crab

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