Diffuse light makes 'Broadchurch' cliffs seem more massive

It has been a while since I have been able to write here – I have not even been able to finish my last post or write about the other things I saw and experienced on my stay in Brighton or the artwork that is beginning to appear from the trip. I even have notes and images from a walk before I went away! Hopefully I will catch up with the salient bits in the next week or so.

I have been pretty busy with other things and I have set up a new Twitter account (@DavidSmithArt) specifically for tweeting about my work and the arts in general. That has quickly generated some interesting contacts, including an artist in Canada

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Another major rock fall at Burton Bradstock

There has been a major rockfall today at Burton Bradstock on the same section of cliffs where Charlotte Blackman was crushed and killed in July last year. It is believed that no one was on the beach and thus no injuries resulted. The beach and coast path have been closed by the National Trust since the fall last summer and this latest landslide underlines the message that people are putting their lives at risk if they venture too close to the cliffs and other unstable areas along the coast around here.

Massive rock fall at Burton Bradstock. Image courtesy Stephen Banks

This image has been provided by local photographer Stephen Banks. You can see more of his work with

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Return to Seatown

Well, apart from a quick walk at West Bay on Thursday evening, I have been nowhere near the coast for a while, in fact for part of the time I have been in Germany far from the sea. We visited Cologne, stayed with our friends near Nuremberg, then went with them to Berlin. We talked with our friends about how the landscape we passed through en route to Nuremberg was a great inland sea in Jurassic times.

We travelled out by Eurostar and ICE train so didn’t see the sea until the flight home. I cannot remember a better approach to Heathrow ever. We flew in over south Suffolk which meant we had a brilliant sunlit view of the whole

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Cliff fall horror on Jurassic coast

Yesterday I was saddened to hear that a landslip near Burton Bradstock, on my home stretch of coast, caused the death of a young woman. The cliffs are always subject to erosion and the heavy rains recently would have added to the stresses in the rocks. A similar fall happened a couple of months back: not so massive but leaving a similar shape. On that occasion no one was hurt and I often marvel that there are so few injuries along this very unstable coast. The beach and stretches of the coast path are closed while geological inspections are carried out to assess the safety risks. More information http://bridport.n0tice.com/report/5910/woman-killed-in-landslide-at-freshwater-beach-burton-bradstock

There has been a series of large landslides recently: there

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