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Remembering Happisburgh

I have been thinking that one of my “new” stretches of coast should have groynes.  The ones at Leigh-on-Sea were important for childhood rituals of tide-running, but I feel I should have a new set of groynes to play with. … Continue reading

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What causes this?

What is it that motivated me to pick up a collection like this on my last beach walk? A vaguely familiar looking bit of green plastic, a yellow bead, a couple of shells of little cockles, a fish skull (species unknown), an … Continue reading

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Vitalises the wrong things?

I have always abhorred the needless vandalism that littering is.  I don’t have so much of  a problem with small items that break down quickly (though now as a non-smoker I an appalled to discover how long it takes for dog-ends to degrade – … Continue reading

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Surf music

I have been listening to surf music And watching the shadows of the seagulls Skim across the shore The wind is up Beating a roar on my eardrums Flapping out the tempo on the flagpoles Salt rime on my beard … Continue reading

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A short walk on Seatown Beach

A while ago I wrote a piece about a walk I took with my daughter. As it encompasses some basic ideas that are important to me about walking on beaches I quote it here:  A short walk on Seatown Beach Things … Continue reading

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Starfish on the toast

When Donovan sang “Fine rock pooling coast | this starfish on the toast | the men in the crabbing boats they cry” I don’t know if he just made up the name “starfish on the toast” to rhyme with “coast” … Continue reading

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Another dogfish day

A week or two ago a fisherman said he had only caught a dogfish.  He said it in a way that left me in no doubt that he had had quite a few “dogfish days” recently. He bore his disappointment … Continue reading

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See and select

I find it difficult to re arrange things on the tideline (to make a better photo for example). The serendipity of Nature’s arrangement coincident with my passing by is what excites me.  Seeing patterns on the sand that are fresh each day … Continue reading

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Albatross seen off Dorset coast

There was a sighting of an albatross off the Dorset coast a few days ago.  Twitter was all atweet with it.  There is info on the Marine Life website.  This bird normally a denizen of the southern hemisphere is rarely … Continue reading

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Tidelines pencil

I’m calling this seaside project “Tidelines”. The idea came from finding a pencil on the beach and drawing beach pictures with it. Is a bit hackneyed probably, but it does cover drawing and writing. This blog is to record source … Continue reading

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