A wide, wide foreshore at Cogden Beach

Featureless Cogden Beach

Featureless Cogden Beach

With an hour or two to low water the foreshore at Cogden was as wide as I have ever seen it.  This morning’s full moon has caused a pretty big tide for here and with the gentle seas of the last few days the tide has left a wide swathe of regularly shelving beach: all smoothed out, featureless and patted flat like sandcastle walls. There is even a zone at the top of the foreshore of hard-packed sand – yes, sand not gravel or grit – that allows swift walking or even, if you had a mind to, running. This meant I could stride out and get some much needed exercise. It also meant that I walked further than intended so my walk back along the debris line at the top of the beach took rather longer too.

Discarded sign

Another piece of the discarded sign I found weeks back

The lack of vigour in the tides and the east winds not whipping up the sea has also meant there is very little new flotsam on the beach. Nice and clean, but not great for a beachcomber with a specific quarry in mind. Really there was nothing apart from an occasional larger pebble on the foreshore and even at the tip of that days tide there was little more – just a few clumps of whelk egg cases and some small pieces of weed here and there.

So my passage back was along the very top of the beach, scouring the old debris line for bits of aluminium can. I’m looking for some naturally cut and weathered pieces to try out in some artworks I am playing with at the moment.  I found a few almost complete cans but nothing like I wanted.  I am also collecting sea-rounded sticks that might work as pegs for a hat rack. I carried home a few possibles. I also found another bit of the sign the letter “p” of which is in my studio. I didn’t bring this piece home.

Whe we went out to West Bay the other day I was looking for a specific thing – some red, quite thick angling line. There was nothing on the beach at all and certainly no discarded fishermens’ tackle.  It wasn’t untill I had given up and was almost off the beach that I found exactly what I wanted. Today it was similar: I had given up and was just stepping off the beach onto the track behind whenI found a piece of can and a few moments later a piece actually blew off the beach and landed in front of me!!

Red fishing line

Red line and white rectangle. I love the way the line is all neatly wound but one end snakes off over a nearby white shape – just like some work I am playing with

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