Caught the last of the sun at West Bay

I grabbed the last hour and a half of sunshine and went down to West Bay this evening. Long winter shadows, warm red glow. I went to West Beach because I wanted to make some more notes of the shapes in the rocks that protect the west pier of the harbour. That side of West Bay doesn’t get the sweeping views: you are forced to look at the more local, it’s more intimate, less beautiful but more human, friendlier. I love the way there is always someone in the shelter and Margaret opens the kiosk for some warming drinks. Today there was a line of laughing, smiling, chatting folk in catching late afternoon sun.

With the sun so low there were some nice effects in the sea even though there was little swell.  Of course it was impossible not to get a setting sun in the picture!

Sunlit sea spray over rocks

Sunlit sea spray over rocks at West Beach

Sunset over the sea with bird

How can you not take pictures of sunsets?

Even when you climb above the beach it still seem intimate. To the west you can only see Eype beach and East Beach is mostly hidden behind the cliff and beyond that Hive and Cogden beaches are foreshortened.  I love the fact that the number of memorial benches keeps increasing and that people still visit in remembrance with flowers and ribbons.

You can see why the final westerly stretch of the  esplanade is still closed off. These rocks above it are ready to fall:

Loose rocks in the Cliff above West Beach

Loose rocks in the Cliff above West Beach

And it was interesting to see the fishbone striations on Eype Beach from another angle compared to the view from under Thorncombe Beacon:

Eype beach from West Cliff showing beach scouring

Eype beach from West Cliff showing beach scouring


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