Christmas beach-litter baubles

The Jurassic Coast has got Christmas decorations made from beach litter. Local artist Claire Nuttell and students from Arts University College Bournemouth used discarded bottle tops, plastic bags, crisp packets and sweet wrappers collected from Sandbanks and Chesil beach to create 20 football sized baubles to decorate Christmas trees at five sites in Dorset.

Beach litter Christmas baubles

Beach litter Christmas baubles: Photo stolen from @LitterFreeCoast on Twitter (hope they don’t mind)

It’s great that someone is trying to get the issue noticed but I have to say I am not really that impressed.  This is supposed to be by an artist and university art students, so it’s a bit depressing that the best they can muster – physically, conceptually, intellectually or artistically – is 20 football-sized tree decorations.  I know artist that work with young children and can produce more than this in quantity, quality and excitement!

It is interesting that after scouring the net nobody has got any other pictures apart from this and the Bournemouth Echo – read the comments! Seems like even the people who did it don’t rate it visually!  Claire Nuttell did some stuff back in the days of the Olympics which similarly was quite well covered in the press but with very few pictures. But then I could be described as cynical.

Compared to the brilliant work Fran Crowe does on the subject of and with the materials from beach rubbish, this really lacks impact and originality (as did the stuff in the summer) but at least it is trying to be relevant and fun, so that has got to be a good thing.

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