Cliff fall horror on Jurassic coast

Yesterday I was saddened to hear that a landslip near Burton Bradstock, on my home stretch of coast, caused the death of a young woman.  The cliffs are always subject to erosion and the heavy rains recently would have added to the stresses in the rocks. A similar fall happened a couple of months back: not so massive but leaving a similar shape. On that occasion no one was hurt and I often marvel that there are so few injuries along this very unstable coast. The beach and stretches of the coast path are closed while geological inspections are carried out to assess the safety risks. More information

There has been a series of large landslides recently: there was a major fall between West Bay and Eype and another on the Lyme Regis side of Charmouth. Apparently there was also a slide on Monmouth Beach at Lyme Regis. There is also the danger of thick mud flows and quicksands where the cliffs are composed of shale, clay or marl. A few weeks ago coastguards rescued two children who were stuck in mud on Seatown beach.

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