Coastal walk still strong in my mind

On Wednesday, with my friend David, I went for a walk  from Seatown up over the cliffs past Thorncombe Beacon and down to Eype’s Mouth, where we sat on the sand, ate an apple each and talked about art and the colours and lines in the sea. Then we walked back and had lunch at the Anchor and talked about the Test match before collecting two bags of blewits and meadow waxcaps.

I wanted to concentrate on my time with David so left my phone at home so I wouldn’t get to fiddling and looking things up and tweeting and…like you do when you have a phone handy! However I had meant to take a compact digital camera with me for note taking, which, of course, I forgot. I did have a tiny sketchbook and a pencil but didn’t want to disrupt the flow of conversation for too long while I drew. So apart from  a single quick scribble I had to rely on my memory, which was boosted in power through talking with David and our discussion of colours and lines.

Looking back from Thorncombe Beacon the coast from Weymouth to Eype hung like a jewelled pendant from the horizon. Lines of colours projected horizontally from the coast across the sea like a beaded breastplate from a native American brave. When we sat on Eype beach the constantly changing sea had wide semi-circles radiating from us: fine lines of many colours – greens, browns, and reds mingling with steel blue and cloud reflections. So many impressions to try and hang on to, and I know it will never be quite the same again, but the talk and walk and some impressions are still strong in my mind.  I am determined to find some time when the sun is on the coast, to go back again in the next day or two to take some photos and do some drawings if I can.

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