Cogden Beach perfection

Park up and all is quiet except for the distant sound of cars and the skylarks: the skylarks are turned up to eleven! As I walk down to the beach I wonder what all the other bird song is. I know there’s some warblers in there but which ones I know not. The wave of song has moved away westward and now I hear the sea and the dog walkers. And the sky, the sky is Mediterranean blue, azure, with a deep turquoise sea to match. The contrails are windswept into fishbones.

The tide line is dried browns, sepias, ochres, Naples yellow. The dulse has lost its fugitive red and has turned to duller hues. Should I find out, should I try to discover what pigments can be made from the beach? The delicate lime green fronds, what colour will they dry to be?

Tarred and feathered:

Oil-covered feather on Cogden Beach

Tarred and feathered?

I’ve always looked for things that might be useful (along with dead birds – especially their skeletons and skulls). Today I found a blue pencil with a yellow end. I wonder if it will sharpen up? Yes, pretty good! Of course I can’t leave it on the beach, I have to take of with me to do beach sketches and tide lines! I have plenty of HB pencils. Do I really need yet another?

I thanked the dog walkers who did for clearing up the mess. They said they thought the majority of dog walkers didn’t. I expect they felt a bit righteous and maybe smug because they did!

It’s a day for double shells. As a kid I was always desperate to find bivalve shells still attached. I don’t think of this beach as a place for shells, let alone doubles. Today it’s mostly small mussels, but I found a small scallop too .

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