Collection motive

What causes me to select certain things from the beach. Today I was drawn to collect nacreous shells and slightly lustrous objects in general. What was going on in me? Did I have some mistaken idea that I would create some clattering wind chimes or split pieces to decorate a lampshade or some other crass crafty object? I was beguiled by one thin and pearly sliver and then had to pick up all sorts of fragments of shell to see if they passed some test of beauty or suitability, the criteria for which was and is a total mystery to me! This is what I brought home:

Collection of nacreous shell fragments from Cogden Beach

Collection of lustrous things from Cogden Beach

The first item I selected is centre row, far right.  You will note there are a couple of pieces of metal (aluminium) too.

Goodness knows what the hell I will do with these items.  I am trying desperately to dispose of all my junk and clutter (see the Recycling Diaries blog in the near future!) and have no idea what part these might play in the production of any artwork!

I also picked up two scallop shells (variegated scallop?)  next to each other and jumped to the conclusion that they were a recently fallen apart double, two salt-encrusted gulls feathers and a small ornamental gourd with rattling seeds inside. What possessed me?

I took quite a few photographs of the beach, tidelines and sea along with some video footage so quite a heavy burden of collected items really.

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