First taste of Covehithe


Spent a few hours at Covehithe in the end. I got there after the top of the tide so could have walked for miles either way. It’s something I’ll have to remember, always check the tide tables. The water comes right up to the cliff edge each tide so it would be easy to get cut off. And cut off is what has happened to the land here! The rate of erosion is quite dramatic. There were large chunks of wheat field on the beach and wheat growing right up to the cliff edge, evidence of recent land slips. Talking to a fisherman I learned that not so long ago you could drive right down to the beach past the church and park there: not any more!

I think Covehithe Beach has the potential to be a special place. It’s a smooth sand strand to the north with just enough small stones to make you think you could press them all back beneath the surface. To the south there are more stones but it’s pretty easy walking. I think easy walking may be one of my requirements: however much I might love rock pools at least some stretch of meditative walking is a factor in all my “old” beaches.

It’s a clean beach too. The tide reaching the cliff base means little debris is left and the walk of what I guess must be a third of a mile from the nearest parking place puts off those most likely to litter. It has good views with Easton Wood to the south and Southwold beyond and, with the broad behind, masses of bird life.

Let’s see what today brings.

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