Green day at Cogden

We went for a midday walk on Cogden Beach today.  It was supposed to be sunny but the sky was half cloud when we got there and we were in a low-contrast bright shade for all our time there. After the strong winds and high tides of last week the sea was flat calm – well almost: there was the barest hint of waves coming from the south-east causing that lapping roll of breakers down the beach that is such a signature of this coast.

The overriding theme of the jetsam today was pale green – mostly that pale green string which I suspect is mostly from nets. It wasn’t just the dozens of 2-4 inch trimmings of that string but green bottles, green plastic, green tube, green sponge foam, green fishing floats, green bottle tops, green pen tops, a green lighter and a green ball.  I only saw three drinking straws – all pale green.

Discarded fishing tackle in pink and green

Discarded fishing tackle in pink and green

We mostly walked along the path at the top of the beach today so I was perhaps more focussed on the sky and land behind than the shingle and debris.  The sky in particular was subtly stunning. In 180 degrees from Lyme Regis to Weymouth it was, at various times, reversed in tone depending on the direction. To the east the sky was darker than the sea but to the west the sky was paler and the sea dark. Of course it changed all the time and was most wonderful when the sun broke through and lit a patch of sea.

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