Lots of vegetation on the tideline at West Bay

I spent most of the day in the studio working mostly on Tidelines ideas: painting tidelines and beaches, in particular working on some ideas from a recent walk on Cogden Beach. The sea most and soaking drizzle of the morning gradually cleared and the evening was gorgeously warm and bright so I had a quick walk on east Beach at West Bay then back round the harbour.

West Bay looking west as the sun dips towards the hills

West Bay this evening

The tide was well up, an hour and a half before high water, and getting near to the rocks of the wave-cut platform in places. There was a lot of flotsam, vegetation  of a reedy nature, so the tide line was thick and the waves left overlapping subsidiary lines of smaller particles below the main line. Because there was so much debris for the waves to push up the beach there was no wet line above the flotsam.

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