Putting a price on rubbish

South Park branded rubbish

South Park rubbish

As I wander along the beach I wonder if there is a way that we can stop some of the rubbish that is dumped getting there to start with or getting cleared up quicker. When I found this South Park branded sweet dispenser on the beach yesterday I started to think about possible solutions.

The marketeers are responsible for using brands to pedal overpriced and over-packaged goodies.  It’s people’s choice if they waste their money on these things but when the shiny new rubbish loses its appeal it becomes…just rubbish!   Perhaps the marketeer or the brand holder should pay a tax or charge to pay towards the clearing up of their rubbish when the customer tires of the shiny container. Perhaps there could be a reward/deposit redeemable when you find and return a piece of branded crap, plastic bottle etc.  In Germany plastic bottles have such a deposit. Would it help prevent people throwing away rubbish carelessly, make them think twice before buying over-packaged goods, encourage people to clear up behind themselves and others and make the marketeers rethink their packaging? The principle should be “Polluter pays”.

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