Return to Seatown

Well, apart from a quick walk at West Bay on Thursday evening, I have been nowhere near the coast for a while, in fact for part of the time I have been in Germany far from the sea. We visited Cologne, stayed with our friends near Nuremberg, then went with them to Berlin. We talked with our friends about how the landscape we passed through en route to Nuremberg was a great inland sea in Jurassic times.

We travelled out by Eurostar and ICE train so didn’t see the sea until the flight home. I cannot remember a better approach to Heathrow ever. We flew in over south Suffolk which meant we  had a brilliant sunlit view of the whole of the Thames estuary and Kent beyond. I wasn’t in the window seat and hadn’t got my camera or phone out, but I wish I was/had. I could see the whole stretch of coast from Southend to Leigh and possible sites from the Isle of  Sheppy to Dover.

So today was the first chance I had been able to get to the sea and we chose to have a walk at Seatown and lunch at the Anchor.

I have got myself a video recorder and am just starting to play with it. It is interesting how I have different eyes for moving things: I see the world in a different way.  It is especially true since I have an idea for a video sequence with a horizontal, linear theme. At present I am just capturing images so everyone will have to wait for a time while I learn how to use the software and put it all together!

It was grey and windy, so it was hard work to capture stunning shots when the beach itself has so much grey surrounding it. There have been some interesting shapes formed in the cliffs by recent falls, but a sit of sun to add contrast would have been good. Having said that, there are some good still images, but I will need to work on them a bit.

Pebbles and fishing lure found on Seatown beach

Today’s collection

Not much caught my eye, so my collection of tideline trophies is meagre. It was a battered-feather day and all the bits of plastic were assorted colours.  Hannah found a bridge of stainless steel.  It was probably a pipe fitting of some kind: a little arch with a hole at the summit. Had I found it myself I might have kept it; if she had given it to me I probably would have kept it; but as it was she just showed me and let it drop for someone else to find, or no one else to find. It may never be seen again.

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