See and select

I find it difficult to re arrange things on the tideline (to make a better photo for example). The serendipity of Nature’s arrangement coincident with my passing by is what excites me.  Seeing patterns on the sand that are fresh each day and have never been seen before and will never be seen exactly the same again that’s what excites me.  I have taken and placed items in the natural environment and can see myself taking and placing things in the future. I love the fact that humans have sculpted the landscape in so many ways – domestically, ritually, agriculturally, militarily, religiously, industrially, culturally, commercially, socially, egotistically, spiritually, artistically – and love the fact that you can read these as overlays of human history.  I even love the landscape of hedges though I know the pain and repression the Enclosures caused. So why is it that I have not interfered?  Why do I choose to tread so lightly that I will not artificially arrange the flotsam on the beach?

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