Spice jars, lighting and lighters

I took advantage of the good weather yesterday to get out for a walk along Cogden Beach.

The stormy weather has pushed the tideline high and scattered the debris a wide swathe. Mostly it’s flotsam but there’s a lot of plastic bottles and kitchen rubbish – spice jars, sauce jars, wine bottles. I came across two fluorescent tubes and a light bulb: how the hell do they not get smashed? Inevitably there were lighters galore, mostly without the metal tops, just the plastic tanks.  No particular colours but strangely quite fresh and unscratched. I found a number of bottle half buried in the gravel – a sure sign the beach has been churned up. Lots of gull primaries again: it must be moulting time.  It is so hard not to pick up  the gull feathers just for the magnificent sepia stain.  The great weather made it easy to gather inspiration: so much to look at and listen too on what seems like a pretty barren beach. I have loads of new ideas for images, experiments with techniques, sculpture, jewellery, video and poetry.  I need some discipline to make the time to do it all.  I even did a couple of ink drawings  en plein air.

Anglers fishing for cod off Cogden Beach

Anglers fishing for cod off Cogden Beach

The fishermen are after cod. The beach has been roughed up releasing tasty morsels that cod like. But nobody has got better than a whiting or dogfish on my walk eastwards. On the way back the whiting were hanging off the hooks and the anglers were confident the approaching high tide would bring in the cod.

I met our artist friend Bronwen Coe on the beach with her dog Tilly.  Sadly the exhibition of her wonderful mystic, alchemical pictures at Bridport Arts Centre ends today.

With so many ideas coming up it has prompted me to look at the infrastructure of this blog and I aim to get it loaded with more social media features and get the video, photo gallery features up that will help as I move forward with other art projects.  Look out for changes and enhancements soon.

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