Still thinking about the view on Sunday

Perhaps because the sea was so calm, making it an almost flat area of colour, it accentuated the linear aspect of the landscape view. Whereas last week the sea was striated, with lines of colour projecting from the coast echoed on the land by the lines of field boundaries behind Cogden and Chesil, yesterday the sea was pale silvery blue and the distant fields milky with haze. So I kept seeing lines in the landscape, especially when the sun struck through the thin cloud and added contrast to the view. The hedges, lanes, paths, animal tracks, cliff edge, tideline, surf line, cliff base and fences all became prominent and, depending on the degree of sun, each had its own quality. I was particularly caught by the silky grey at the foot of the cliffs and the hints of orange mingled with it. a resonance with the tideline and the tangles of anglers’ lost tackle. Particularly near to Eype’s Mouth, the beach has been scoured into fish-bone ridges.  This seems to happen most when the wind is not strong from the south west so the crossing currents are more equal – but that’s just a theory based on minimal observation and little knowledge!

Beach scoured like fishbones

Beach scoured like fishbones at Eype’s Mouth

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