Vitalises the wrong things?

I have always abhorred the needless vandalism that littering is.  I don’t have so much of  a problem with small items that break down quickly (though now as a non-smoker I an appalled to discover how long it takes for dog-ends to degrade – I’m sorry!) and there is a case for things like apple cores and cherry pips to be given a chance in the wild perhaps, but why are people too lazy and too thoughtless to take home the things they brought with them to the beach (or anywhere else)? (That goes for dog shit too!! Dog shit can be a river and sea pollutant as well as unpleasant and possibly dangerous for humans.)

But like I said, the sea scours away ugliness and over time makes things less unpleasant, less dangerous and can turn our mindless discards into things of beauty.  These finds pictured have still some more work to be done on them.  Clearly the Red Bull didn’t revitalise the moral-decency and consideration-for-others-and-the-environment parts of the mind of the person who discarded this can.

Aluminium can being eroded by the sea

The sea still has work to do

Red Bull can

It clearly didn’t work!

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